Terms & Conditions

The declaration which is stated below is the terms and conditions of Printer Help 24×7 for the website users and visitors. Since we keep on changing our terms and conditions on the regular basis without providing any notification, so ensure to check the terms and condition on the regular basis and review changes in this section. We are really concerned about the security and privacy of our customers and visitors; this is the reason why we make use of your personal data for your benefits and never authorize anyone to misuse your confidential data. While providing the printer tech support services via email or phone call, we ask your personal details as those details are necessary for completing the transaction.

We usually request the information like phone number, registered email id, and the issues that you are facing. Once you read the terms and conditions given below, you can proceed with acts that request to share the personal information. It is also essential for you to note that not providing the right details can also lead to incomplete transactions during printer tech support process.

We, at Printer Help 24×7 follows the following terms and conditions that are strictly followed by us, therefore, we request our visitors and users to get time to read these important terms and conditions that may change with time without any prior notification:

Personal information:While providing you printer technical support services, we may ask you to provide certain personal details so as to get back to you for further help. At the time of registration, every customer needs to share the personal information such as email id, full name, postal address, and other useful information. We, at Printer Help 24×7 would use this information to get back to you for providing the services you have asked for. We may also use it for sending promotional emails or exclusive offers on our products or services.

Payment related information:If any visitor visits our website and registers to get the printer technical support services, we never ask for the debit or credit card details over the phone calls. The user has to enter this confidential information themselves and we take the help of the third party for verifying and processing payment process. We make use of highly secured services for the billing purposes.

Computer System Information:We can ask for certain important information like user id or passwords for working on the issues you are facing with the help of remote-support based technology.